Introducing SAM.
Your new sales assistant.

He always turns up for work. He prefers quiet nights in on a Friday. He always looks neat and tidy. He knows what’s on promotion, he makes customers smile and he’s good for lifting sales.


SAM is our Smart Audio Merchandiser and he forms the backbone of Retail Radio. He connects with our Central Digital Hub only when he needs to, rather than continuously via a live streaming box that takes up valuable internet bandwidth.

For customers signing up to our In Store Audio only package, then they simply need one SAM unit linked to their in-store speaker system and connected to the stores internet.

For customers signing up to our In Store Video package, then they will need a SAM unit for each digital display.

Put simply, here’s how SAM works.

Setting Up Retail Radio


It’s important that we understand your customer base and your brand in order to select and profile music that resonates well with the audience.


Next we audit your stores in order to assess the current PA systems in place and access to both power and internet.


We provide a complete proposal for integrating Retail Radio in each of your sites. This includes both Audio and Video if required, as well as installation, monitoring and an allowance for creating and distributing promotional messaging each year.