In-Store Audio is never just background music

What your customers hear is just as important as what they see. If your business is unique, then shouldn’t its atmosphere be too?


50% of 16-24 year olds stay longer when music they appreciate is played in-store.

The team at Retail Radio match your brand and shopper demographics with a relevant playlist, designed to achieve longer store visits and an improved experience. It builds brand equity making your customers more loyal.

Get it wrong though, either through poor music choice, poor quality or wrong volume choices and they’ll leave early.

People enjoy listening to music whilst working and feel it has a positive effect on their productivity.

Investing in music in the workplace enhances staff well-being, boosts productivity and generates sales.

80% of buying decisions are made in-store.

As a business owner, you can influence this choice in many ways but one of the most over-looked is through using audio. We have found that in-store promotional messaging can raise product sales. Music that is appreciated by the visitor which makes them stay longer, but most important of all, come back. The right music also makes consumers buy more and recommend a business to others.

An Undervalued Marketing Channel

In Store Audio has become an important competitive tool for business owners in distinguishing brand experience, and using Retail Radio it’s now possible to offer customised playlists and messaging across multiple targeted sites.